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Peter Kuper Interview

November 25, 2009

There’s no cartoonist quite like Peter Kuper. The man has been a force in comics for the past three decades, co-creating and editing the anthology World War 3 Illustrated, there’s the fiction, the autobiographical fiction, the travel books, the syndicated comic strip, the picture book, the adaptations of Kafka and Upton Sinclair, the memoir, the illustrations and covers for Newsweek and Time and Harper’s. Plus there’s Spy vs Spy in Mad Magazine which he took over in 1997.

He has a new book out from PM Press. Diario de Oaxaca is a collection of journal entries and sketchbook pages from the years Kuper and his family spent in Oaxaca in 2006-2008, a time that encompassed the drawn-out teachers strike, the police attacks on the strikers and the death of a journalist followed by the Mexican army being called in to restore order.