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David Levine’s “One Night Stand” and Indy Comic Book Week

January 11, 2010

When it was announced that December 30, the last Wednesday of the year, was going to be a skip week with Diamond Distributors not shipping any new books to comic stores, a number of independent creators took it upon themselves to implementĀ “Indy Comic Book Week” as a way to encourage people to create comics of their own and find local outlets to sell the books.

David Hopkins, one of the creators behind the idea, has been writing comics for years, authoring two ongoing comics for Dallas-area weekly newspapers and contributing to numerous anthologies including “Popgun” from Image, “Western Tales of Terror,” and “The Tick’s 20th Anniversary Special.” His graphic novels include “Karma Incorporated” and “Emily Edison.”

For Indy Comic Week, Hopkins has written a comic entitled “One Night Stand” which is a series of one page vignettes centering around sex, awkwardness and confusion. The comic, which features the art of thirty different artists, was made available free to retailers, something that was made possible because of the support Hopkins received onĀ I talked with Hopkins about the book and the many projects he’s working on.