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Joan Hilty Interview

June 20, 2009

Joan Hilty is an editor at DC Comics and she’s also a cartoonist. I’m a fan of her weekly comic strip “Bitter Girl” (though I don’t find it that bitter) and she was willing to chat about the strip and her career as an artist. I asked her about the ghettoization of gay and lesbian artists who focus on gay and lesbian characters and issues which continues to this day, and her statements were thoughtful and insightful and pointed out the ways that imagination can lag behind real life in a way I’ve thinking about since.

Interview with Arnold Pander

June 17, 2009

Arnold Pander is one half of the Pander Brothers, and I’ve been a huge fan of them for years. “Grendel: Devil’s Legacy,” “Triple X,” “Secret Broadcast,” “Accelerate” are all amazing books. Arnold has a new graphic novel he did without his brother Jacob, “Tasty Bullet” and haven’t we all been waiting for a manga-influenced science fiction tale about a highly caffeinated energy drink and the corporate icon left for dead who goes head to head with the company that made her?

Interview with cartoonist Kevin Cannon

June 10, 2009

I’m a big fan of Kevin Cannon, especially “Far Arden” (the online and now print comic which was drawn in 288 hours, to find out more read the interview) and the work he and Zander Cannon did on the recent book “Stuff of Life.”

Interview with Gene Luen Yang and Derek Kirk Kim

June 5, 2009

Two of the most talented creators in comics today in one interview.