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Larry Smith and Jeff Newelt talking about Smith Magazine, Josh Neufeld’s A.D. and the Pekar Project

August 29, 2009

Yesterday we posted an interview with Josh Neufeld talking about “A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge” and today we have an interview with Larry Smith and Jeff Newelt of Smith magazine, where A.D. was originally serialized. We also talked about The Pekar Project, their new webcomic that started on Monday and the other projects they’re working on.

The Pekar Project at Smith Magazine

August 25, 2009

People who know me are aware of my great love for the works of Harvey Pekar. A lot of people first heard about the man when the film American Splendor (which starred two of my favorite actors, Paul Giamatti and Hope Davis) was released in 2003, and while I think it’s a fabulous movie, it only manages to hint at the brilliant ways Pekar writes.

Smith Magazine, the great online magazine that publishes a lot of great storytelling including the comics “Shooting War” and “A.D.” is doing a yearlong project with Pekar and a variety of artists. It started yesterday and there will be new content every Monday and new comics every other week.

Personally I don’t see Pekar as an internet-using fan of twitter, but I’m not familiar with the artists he’s working with and I can’t wait to see how they play with space and the interface that Smith has on their comics pages.

The next year looks a little brighter.