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Berkeley Breathed interview

December 16, 2009

I think “Bloom County” was a truly brilliant strip and Opus is one of the great cartoon characters of recent decades. The new hardcover editions of the strip from IDW Press are not just incredibly well-designed and well-produced hardcover volumes, but it’s one of the great comic strips.

Breathed has also written a novel which is just out. Ostensibly for young readers, it’s a love story between a girl and a dog and speaking as an incredibly unsentimental person, it’s a brutal book but also deeply touching.

Tony Lee interview

November 4, 2009

Most comics fans know Tony Lee as the writer of IDW’s ongoing “Doctor Who” series, but this fall there’s a new graphic novel “Outlaw” which is Lee’s take on Robin Hood and it’s an enjoyable mix of familiar elements and some new takes on the material. We talked about that and his other projects including his big graphic novel project for next year about King Arthur.

Interview with Bob Fingerman on SG

May 27, 2009

I have thought and continue to think that Bob Fingerman is a funny and talented cartoonist and novelist. His new comic “From the Ashes” is hilarious and bizarre, a buddy comedy of him and his wife surviving the apocalypse. He’s also a great guy to talk with.