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PVP’s Scott Kurtz hits it out of the park (yet again)

August 14, 2009

I love Scott Kurtz’s comic strip PVP and I’ve interviewed him a couple times over the years for different outlets about the strip and his other projects. At his best Kurtz manages to skewer pop culture and those obsessed with it. (That may be part of why he’s so successful on the internet).

This month though he’s done a fabulous job of taking some very pointed hits at geek culture and Twilight, Green Lantern and GI Joe. The Green Lantern bit (I could care less about Green Lantern, BTW) is so perfect that I’m incredibly jealous I didn’t think of it. The GI Joe bit I disagree with only because it fails to mention Rachel Nichols (Seriously, Kurtz, what’s up with that?)

Interview with Arnold Pander

June 17, 2009

Arnold Pander is one half of the Pander Brothers, and I’ve been a huge fan of them for years. “Grendel: Devil’s Legacy,” “Triple X,” “Secret Broadcast,” “Accelerate” are all amazing books. Arnold has a new graphic novel he did without his brother Jacob, “Tasty Bullet” and haven’t we all been waiting for a manga-influenced science fiction tale about a highly caffeinated energy drink and the corporate icon left for dead who goes head to head with the company that made her?