April 15, 2011

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Mike Mignola on Suicidegirls

October 7, 2010

Who doesn’t love Mike Mignola? I mean he’s freaking Mike Mignola. What’s there not to love. Also a great guy to talk to.’s+Amazing+Screw-On+Head/

Dave Ryan and the “War of the Independents”

October 7, 2010

Just thinking about dealing with the logistics required to set this up makes my head spin, but dave Ryan not only did that but wrote and drew the book which debuts this week at New York Comic Con.

Jerry Robinson: Ambassador of Comics

October 7, 2010

Jerry Robinson is one of the great figures in Twentieth Century comics and he gets far too little respect considering the many hats he’s worn, the worn he’s done, the artwork he’s draw and the influence he’s wielded. I had a chance to talk with the man about his life and work and the new biography of him just out from Abrams.

Adam Hughes’ “Cover Run”

October 7, 2010

Adam Hughes is a fabulous cover artist who unfortunately doesn’t draw much in the way of interior art anymore. DC just released a new book “Cover Run” which collects a lot of the work he’s done for the company in one gorgeous package.

Al Jaffee’s Mad Life

October 7, 2010

Many people know the name Al Jaffee. He’s one of the great Mad Magazine cartoonists and the creator of the fold-in page. He’s also led a fascinating life and quite honestly his positive, playful and joyous outlook on life puts my own jaded worldview to shame.

One of my favorite interviews to date.

Remembering Al Williamson

October 7, 2010

This summer I conducted a number of interviews with different people about the recently deceased artist Al Williamson. He was one of the great masters of comics and I initially wanted to write this piece a few months ago before his death. There are a number of awards and reprint projects that have been in the works and are now happening. It’s a shame he couldn’t have lived to see it.

I only ever see the flaws in anything I write, but i really am proud of this piece.

Shaenon Garrity’s Skin Horse

October 7, 2010

I knew and loved Shaenon Garrity’s work before most people. She was a year ahead of me at Vassar College and drew cartoons for the weekly paper, the Miscellany News. She’s moved onto bigger and better things and we talked about her current comic strip “Skin Horse” which she draws and co-writes and her upcoming book “CLAMP in America.”

Dean Haspiel talking “Cuba: My Revolution”

October 7, 2010

I really love Dean Haspiel’s work and his new book “Cuba: My Revolution” has some of his best artwork to date. We talk about his friend Inverna Lockpez, the great Cuban-born artist about the autobiographical tale of Cuba after the revolution, and why, after believing in Castro so fervently, she left the country.

The guys from 12 Gauge talking “25 to Life”

October 7, 2010

I chatted with the guys from 12 Gauge Comics about their new miniseries “25 to Life” which has one helluva first issue and it doesn’t seem like the ride is going to get any easier in the next two. A serial killer, a white supremacist, an FBI team. It’s not going to be pretty.