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Greg Rucka Interview on Suicide girls

September 10, 2009

Greg Rucka will always be one of my favorite people. I first interviewed him in 2000 when I was still in college. It was my first “real” interview where it was me and him and a tape recorder. For a variety of reasons, the piece ended up not running (and to this day, every now and again I curse my then-editors for that). I’ve interviewed Greg a few times since for different outlets. We run into each other every couple years and say hi. He’s also married to Jen Van Meter, the very underrated comics scribe, who also happens to be one of the nicest people.

In this interview we talk about the movie adaptation of “Whiteout,” I avoid asking about Batwoman’s sexuality but we end up talking about it anyway and he spills on his next novel and what’s happening with Tara Chace.

Interview with Leo McGovern about “A.D.”

August 31, 2009

The third article this weekend about Hurricane Katrina and the new book “A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge” focuses on Leo McGovern, one of the individuals profiled in Josh Neufeld’s book. Leo was a great guy to talk with and I’m immensely proud of this piece even though I had nothing to do with it being as good as it is. That’s all Leo.

Larry Smith and Jeff Newelt talking about Smith Magazine, Josh Neufeld’s A.D. and the Pekar Project

August 29, 2009

Yesterday we posted an interview with Josh Neufeld talking about “A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge” and today we have an interview with Larry Smith and Jeff Newelt of Smith magazine, where A.D. was originally serialized. We also talked about The Pekar Project, their new webcomic that started on Monday and the other projects they’re working on.

Josh Neufeld on “A.D. New Orleans After the Deluge”

August 28, 2009

Josh Neufeld is a fabulous cartoonist and his new book “A.D.” about the experiences of people from New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina is one of the year’s biggest comics releases. Josh is in the New York Times, he’s on NPR, and he talked to me. (Yes, I know, one of these three just doesn’t belong).

We had what I think was a great interview talking about Katrina and art, the influence of Harvey Pekar and Martha Rosler. “A.D.” is a really amazing book. (The reviewer from Newsweek didn’t like the book but admitted to crying twice while reading it.)

Today is the fourth anniversary of Katrina making landfall and in addition to Josh we’re running two other features on the site this weekend, conversations with Leo McGovern, who’s one of the subjects in “A.D.” and Larry Smith and Jeff Newelt of Smith Magazine where “A.D.” first appeared.

Jonathan Rosenberg interview

August 26, 2009

I don’t know how to explain Jonathan Rosenberg’s webcomic “Goats.” I really don’t. I can explain why it’s so much fun and a quick glance at a handful of strips reveal why it’s funny and bizarre but explaining what the strip is…I admit to being at a loss. It’s a lot of fun, though. We could all use some more fun in our lives. His new book from Random House just came out we talked about it here: