Orla Brady on “Fringe”

I’m usually the last one to find these things out, though since the episode(s?) in question hasn’t aired, I guess that’s not actually the case this time. Orla Brady. Brilliant Irish actress. You might remember her from the BBC’s version of “Wuthering Heights” back in the 90’s. She was on an episode of “Wallander.” She was also one of the stars of “Mistresses” which is one of my British TV guilty pleasures – an American soap opera about career women would be beneath me but if they’re hot British women…whole other story.

Anyway fabulous actress (who also happens to be truly stunning) is going to be on one of my favorite shows, “Fringe.” Star Anna Torv was on a few episodes of “Mistresses” but I don’t think she and Brady ever had a scene together? I could be wrong, but if they did it was brief. Anyway she’ll be playing John Noble’s wife and Joshua Jackson’s mom, who I thought was dead. It’s “Fringe” so I know not to expect, because whatever I think is going on, usually is not. Regardless, it should be interesting.


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