Chris Eliopoulos and Misery Loves Sherman

Chris Eliopoulos is a cartoonist. That’s not his day job or how he pays the bills, but at heart he’s a cartoonist and last week he celebrated 400 strips of his ongoing comic “Misery Loves Sherman.” Now on the one hand, coming out with strips five days a week for more than a year and a half doesn’t seem like a lot of work, but considering the man has a family and a very busy schedule and that he makes no money off it (with web hosting costs, I’m sure he’s losing money).

This is one of those strips that should be in the comics page (and no doubt would be if the newspaper business were healthier). Chris is one of the good guys and I’m thrilled for him. One of my daily reads and I’m glad I got to interview him about the strip last year. He does some work for Marvel, but Misery Loves Sherman is the best stuff he’s ever done and should be read. There aren’t many great all-ages strips on the web but this is one.

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